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  • Download a Wordpress.XML file with your site content and load it in Wordpress
  • Download a WordPress theme that matches your Website design
  • Automatic site discovery
  • Internal links are rewritten to match new pages

Convert your website to WordPress 

Convert site content

Automatic discovery of your site content

Customize what to export

Easy to install (standard WordPress data format)

Convert any website to a WordPress blog. Your site can be built using a custom framework or static HTML files. As long as your website is online, we can convert it.

We explore your site and automatically filter content that should be exported to your new WordPress site. Once the exploration has finished, you are able to review which pages will be exported. You can customize which page you want to export and preview those pages.

The last step is to download the xml with all your site content. The file is a standard WordPress XML file. Log in to your WordPress admin and go to import. Select WordPress import, load the XML and you are done.

Unlike other import plugins, our service does not require any programming knowledge or complicated configurations. We take care of the heavy work. We offer a nice and easy migration of your site content to WordPress.

Convert HTML to WordPress theme

Create a customizable WordPress theme.

Fetch all assets used by the page (CSS, JS, images).

Update all relative URL to point to the original domain.

Fetch assets being used inside CSS files.

Generate PHP files with clean HTML5 code.

Do you have website and want to create a blog with the same design? Our tool let's you do that in under 5 minutes.

First pick a page from your site that you would like your WordPress theme to be based on. The about page of your site may be a good candidate.

The theme editor will then let you configure where you want the blog content to go and you will also have the opportunity to remove elements that should no be on the blog. Once you are done editing, you can download the WordPress theme. No technical knowledge required.

Our WP theme editor lets you turn your HTML to WP theme in 2 easy steps. This WordPress builder will grab all the page assets (images, javascript files, CSS files) and will take care of updating the page content. For example, relative links will be rewritten to absolute links. Manually doing all this is tedious and boring. Save time!

This tool will not improve the existing HTML code of the source page. Do not steal other people WP themes. Make sure you have the authorization before creating a theme from a page.

Highly dynamic pages with AJAX requests may not load correctly. Use a static start page for best result.

The theme editor works best with a recent version of Firefox or Chrome.

Here's what people did with this tool

20 sites have been converted to WordPress in the lasts 7 days. Here are a couple of examples of what you can do.

Site converted to a WordPress theme

Site converted to a WordPress theme

Site converted to a WordPress theme

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Alternative tools

Name Features and Limitations Price (per site, in USD) Ratings
CMS2CMS [WordPress plugin] - Requires a sitemap.xml file on your site $9 - $50 1.5 / 5
WP All Import [WordPress plugin] - Imports CSV and XML files only $99 3.9 / 5
Static HTML to WordPress CMS Migration - Migrates content and design
- Pricey
$699 -
HTML Import 2 [WordPress plugin] - You have to manually download/upload the HTML files
- Requires intermediate HTML knowledge
- Not automatic, time consuming
Free 4.3 / 5
PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser - A HTML parser in PHP library, requires good PHP programming skills
- Not automatic, time consuming
Free 4.8 / 5
List of WordPress plugins to import content from other blog platforms.

Alternative WordPress theme generators

There are other custom WordPress theme builders that will let you convert your website design to a WordPress theme. Here is how they compare to us.

Name Features and Limitations Price (per site, in USD)
ThemeMatcher Theme Matcher offers instant Wordpress Theme to match your website. This tool has more customization options but unfortunately it is a bit pricy. $50
Blogic Blogic allows you to quickly generate a WordPress blog theme that matches your website's look and feel. Some errors prevented me to test this tool. $99
Hire a freelancer Converting the website HTML to a WordPress theme can also be done manually but it is likely to be a time consuming task. If you need to heavily customize the theme, using an automatic tool like ours as a first step is likely to produce good results. $200 - $900